Concentric Needs You!

All Eastercons rely on volunteers to run them — both in the planning stages and at the convention itself. Concentric has no paid staff; all the committee and other volunteers are doing this in our spare time and, like any hobby, at our own cost.

Why Volunteer?

We need help with all types of tasks: some starting soon and continuing up to the convention, some as a discrete and quite short-term project, and some helping with really practical things at the con itself. Some tasks can be done by individuals, although many will work as part of a team. Some will involve being creative, some being organised, and some both at once.

As well as the satisfaction of contributing to an event that many more people can also enjoy, volunteering can be a good way to meet more people. Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or a first-timer, your help will be valued by the committee and by other Ytterbium attendees.

How to Get Involved

Please fill in the form below, and let us know what you’re interested in and what you can do — at the con, or in advance, or both.

If you’d like to help but you’re not sure how you could, let us know, and we can tell you more. Any experience you’ve got from running other conventions or events could be useful, as could skills and experience at work, from your studies or with other leisure activities.

Expressing interest in volunteering won’t commit you to anything at this stage, and you can choose the amount of time you are willing to give and when you are available – including at the con itself (this means, for instance, that you won’t have to miss out on any programme items you really want to see).

Fill out the volunteering form today!

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