COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

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Message from the Concentric 2020 Committee:

The Eastercon committee met with the Hilton on Friday and discussed with them the concerns of the Eastercon membership. We asked about their policies on refunds for the event and any rooms booked with the potential issues from Covid-19.  The Hilton have confirmed to the committee that, as the government's stance at this point is business as usual, they will not be offering any additional or exceptional circumstances towards bookings that have already been made. 

We have discussed if there would be any possibility of a change in their stance on this matter. We have been advised that the only time at which there would be a change would be if running the convention would be either impossible or illegal due to requirements put in place either from the Government or from an authorised public body such as Public Health England or the World Health Organisation.   

The Committee asked what is being done to resolve any potential issues and we are confident that they are taking all precautions possible at this time regarding the control and spread of the virus.  They are carrying out daily briefings on the nature and identification of the virus, and have engaged in a rigorous cleaning and sanitisation programme with increased focus on keeping surfaces disinfected on a regular basis.  They are providing hand sanitiser in all their public areas and they have increased the frequency of their cleaning throughout the hotel.  In terms of monitoring, the Hilton is receiving daily bulletins from both Public Health England and the World Health Organisation and will be continuing to monitor the situation as it develops.They have agreed to keep us informed of any changes.

The Hilton have advised that if any of the membership have any concerns they wish to address, they will be happy to answer any queries directly.

Please be on the lookout for an email coming soon to an inbox near you! 


Vanessa and John - Co-Chairs
on behalf of the Committee
Concentric 2020

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay