Dealer Room Application Form

If you would like to have tables in the Concentric dealer room, please fill out this form. We will do our best to accommodate everyone, subject to space limitations.
Entity type
Select Fan if you would like to be positioned in our fan area, otherwise select Commercial. Fan tables are free, but may only be used for sale of convention or association memberships, or fan produced publications.
If you have a website, please provide the URL. Please start URLs with http:// or https://
Please provide a brief description of the type of stock you will be selling
Number of tables
Please select the number of tables required. Commercial tables are charged at £35 each. Fan tables are free, but may only be used for sale of membership of your convention or association, or fan produced publications.
Number of chairs
You must have at least one membership of Concentric in order to be a dealer. If you already registered, please supply the names and (if possible) member numbers of any people who will be staffing your table.
You may have an additional pass for a table assistant at the concession rate, if required.
Do you require power?
Do you wish to be positioned next to someone?
Please enter the name of the dealer you would like to be beside. While we will do our best to accommodate, it isn't possible to satisfy every request.
Any other requirements or requests for your dealer tables, or any other relevant information.