Eastercon Art Show

So, what can you expect of the Art Show at Concentric? Well, there will be art by a variety of both professional and amateur artists, both flat and 3-D. These will either be Not For Sale (and marked so), items that can be bid on, or prints that can be purchased immediately.

In order to bid, you must have a bidder number. To get one of these, go to the Art Show Control Desk and someone will assist you. If you see something you want to bid on and are absolutely *sure* you will bid, write in your name, bidder number and how much you want to bid. This last has to be at least the +Min Bid amount shown on the sheet and higher than any previous bids, if any. Do NOT put a bid down if you are not sure! No bids can be removed once made without approval of the Art Show Head. Please, bids are only in whole £s – no pence and not non UK currency.

As to prints, this is a lot simpler. Bring the piece you want and its bid sheet to the Art Show Control Desk and a staffer will help you. Payment will definitely be allowed in cash or cheque (UK Sterling Accounts) and, possibly, credit card. If we have not arranged for credit cards to be taken during the show, we can hold your items for the close out at the end, but you must leave a name, contact number and e-mail, if doing so.

Any item in the Art Show with two bids will go into the voice auction at the end of the Show – place and time will be in your ReadMe. Whoever has the last bid or the person bidding the most at the Voice Auction will win the piece. Any item with only one bid will not go to voice auction unless the Art Show is specifically requested by the artist or a member of the convention to do so. Such pieces as do not go to Voice Auction will be either sold per the single bid, available briefly post auction for direct sale (if so marked as available), or be returned to the artist.

Purchase, either via the voice auction, direct bid, or buying a print from the Print Shop, is for the specific piece and includes no reproduction rights, copyright remaining in the hands of the artists.

Please, no food or drink in the Art Show, respect the artists by not taking any photos without their express permission, and respect the artwork by not handling it without permission.

REMEMBER, Bid Early, Bid Often