We are currently at the early stages of planning the Concentric programme. We intend to include all of the regular items Eastercon attendees have come to expect, and perhaps some new and surprising ones.

Guest of Honour Interviews

Your chance to learn all about the guests of honour, as our skilled interviewers tease out their darkest secrets.

The BSFA Awards

Voted on by members of Eastercon and the British Science Fiction Association, the award ceremony for these prestigious awards takes place at Eastercon each year.

The George Hay Memorial Lecture

Named after one of the founding members of the Science Fiction Foundation, this lecture covers a different scientific topic each year, and is normally presented by a leading scientist in the field.


Meet our guests and other prominent speakers in a more intimate setting.

Art Show Auction

Our skilled auctioneers sell items from the Eastercon Art Show.

Fan Fund Auction

Come and bid on some of the most unusual science fiction tat, perhaps grabbing a bargain, and support the fannish travel funds.

Bid Session

Where bids for future Eastercons are presented and voted on.