John has a long history of convention running. He was treasurer for Loncon 3, the 2014 Worldcon and also was treasurer of the most recently previous Birmingham Eastercon, Innominate, in 2017.

Co-chair/Hotel Liaison

Vanessa has a long track record of convention running, including Loncon 3, Worldcon 75,  Dublin 2019 and many other conventions on both sides of the pond. She wears two hats for Concentric. She is both Co-Chair and Hotel Liaison. She often wonders if she knows how to say 'no'.


Diana has been hanging out with fans since high school and has finally accepted that we no longer have classes and together and have to meet up at cons. She was Press Area Head at Dublin 2019.

Social Media

Zoe has been attending conventions since 1983 and was Social Media Deputy Area Head for Dublin 2019. She has been able to combine her love of fiber arts and her love of Doctor Who into some stunning scarves.


Chairs' Advisor

Alice is a valued advisor, and brings a vast tome of convention running knowledge. She was chair of Loncon 3, and has been involved in many Eastercons and other conventions.


Steve has been running conventions for longer than he can remember, and has been involved in numerous Eastercons and Novacons.


James has been involved in fandom and conventions since the early 1990s. He has helped organise many conventions in Ireland and abroad, including Octocon, P-Con, Shamrokon (Eurocon), Eastercons and Worldcons. He has also been involved in fanzines, fan clubs and fan funds. He is also a fan of LEGO and will attempt to include it in convention programmes at every opportunity.


Keith has been supporting and running Tech at conventions for well over a decade, but has been involved in the discipline for a good deal longer.  He was the Tech Director for Dublin 2019.


Doug has a long fannish CV that ranges from conrunning to performing. He has been known to talk on the subjects of science and food, ranging from “cooking with chocolate” to “cooking with brains”. He has also appeared in diverse fannish panel games such as “Unseen University Challenge” or “Just a Fannish Minute”. Doug has appeared in Ian Sorenson’s fan musical productions, irritating him immensely by getting more laughs than him. Two Worldcons have seen Doug be Party Reporter and he has produced some (excellent) fanzines. His cosplay is both fun and brave. He is also a big Doctor Who fan (check out the fez) and writes fic (you can find him on MaSH slash).