Who'll Be There

Guests of Honour

We are delighted to announce our guests of honour for Concentric: Eastercon 2020.

Rhianna Pratchett is a video game writer and journalist. In the video games world she's particularly known for Tomb Raider, Overlord, and Bioshock; she's also written Tomb Raider for Dark Horse comics.

Alison Scott has been attending conventions since 1984 and running them since 1986. She's also a fan writer, editor and artist. As a member of the Plokta cabal she has won the Best Fanzine Hugo twice, and has won awards for her fan art as well as for her fanzines.

Tade Thompson is the author of the sci-fi novel Rosewater, a John W. Campbell Award finalist, and The Kitschies Golden Tentacle Award winning novel Making Wolf.