Alison Scott

Fan Guest of Honour

Photo of Alison Scott

Alison Scott has been attending conventions since 1984 and running them since 1986. She's also a fan writer, editor and artist. As a member of the Plokta cabal she has won the Best Fanzine Hugo twice, and has won awards for her fan art as well as for her fanzines.

She has chaired the Eastercon twice, in 1995 before starting a family, and in 2018 when her youngest child was 17. In between she was slacking, but found time to help run the Fan Room at the 2005 Glasgow Worldcon and the Fan Village at Loncon 3, the 2014 Worldcon. She's very worried that she'll be expected to run a Fan Planet in 2024.

When not engaged in fanac, she runs a small business selling t-shirts, pin badges and other merchandise with sf, nerdy and political themes. She offsets the dodgy sustainability of all this tat by thinking (and blogging) about sustainable living. 

At conventions she can often be found exercising careful quality control on the real ale deep into the night, and has now perfected a scheme for staying up entirely too late and nevertheless getting up for breakfast. She's irrepressible on panels and is already coming up with wild and impractical ideas for fannish programming at Concentric.